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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Lisa, You and your company were quite the professionals and handled everything from stem to stern. I am grateful for all you have done for me. Sincerely, Randy Coppola

A Win-Win! 
Kris and her local team of experts did a great job communicating with us throughout the sales process, explaining what we needed to do to prepare our Vinalhaven land for the market: cutting pathways, updating the survey, completing the soil test, taking photographs, and preparing all the paperwork. She kept us informed on all the showings. Best of all, she found us a buyer.  A win-win for everyone. 

Thank you Davidson Realty! ~ Hannah Grazino

Thanks for EVERYTHING throughout the successful purchase and closing of our new property on Vinalhaven.  Getting to fulfill a life long dream of moving to the island was just that, a dream, or so we thought.  Thanks to Davidson Realty, we were able to navigate the process with ease and constant reassurance that each step was on track.  Since we were not island residents and doing this from several hours away - this was of the utmost importance to us and Davidson Realty made it a completely pleasurable experience.  Your level of professionalism, knowledge of the island and Maine real estate, and quick answers to our million questions was invaluable and certainly appreciated.  You definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. We look forward to future endeavors with you!  Thank you so much!  

After 30 years of being a "summah jerk" on Vinalhaven, I decided that it was time to trade urban living for open sky, the smell of the ocean, and a close and caring community of people. Kris patiently showed me a string of houses over several years, until one day she called to say "I have the house for you". She was right. From initial offer to closing, she and her colleagues at Davidson Realty were always available to answer questions, make referrals, and provide sage guidance where needed. Thanks for all you did! 

Thanks to Davidson Realty's professional and attentive service, my husband and I own a nice home in a perfect location on a beautiful island.  Our desires and needs were as unique as the property Davidson found, requiring patience, a key attribute in ample supply at Davidson.  Their intelligent and friendly service extended from the search process through to closing, and even afterwards, making a "big" process smooth and pleasurable.  Davidson Realty is all about happy clients, and we sure are happy!

It stood out that the enthusiasm Davidson Realty had for the property I was selling did not diminish after I signed the listing agreement.   Channels of communications were always open both to and from the agency.   Updates about advertising, showings, buyer interest, activity level and general guidance about marketing were frequent and timely.  All reports, whether good or not so good, were never questioned because they were honest.


As for the people on the other end of 863-2200, they could not have been more pleasant. They were well schooled in fielding stupid questions with a smile.  Little doubt they laughed and made snarky remarks after hanging up but for the duration of the call they stayed in character.   No 10-item automated phone menu with elevator music. Rare and valuable.  Real estate transactions are distasteful.   You helped the medicine go down.

Selling a house that has been in the family for almost 50 years can be emotionally traumatic. Lisa Shields was highly sympathetic while completely maintaining her professionalism.  She conducted thorough research into other sales and listings, shared her thought process with us, and used this to propose a realistic price for our property.  Her attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the island enabled her to really drill down on our property’s strengths and future potential, which – based on the numerous conversations I have had with her -- I’m sure she was able to articulately express to potential buyers. The photos posted on the website were well done and showed the best of the property and buildings.  We quickly received detailed and written accounts of each visit by prospective buyers, and when decisions had to be made regarding possible price adjustments, she carefully laid out in writing the pros and cons of each option, enabling us to reach well-informed conclusions.  Lisa and Davidson Realty proved to be highly competent, professional, thorough, and honest.

Working with Kris and her team was the type of experience familes dream of when searching for a new home. Our first visit to beautiful Vinalhaven was such an amazing journey--within a day we knew it was the type of community we wanted to be a part of for years to come. On the recommendation of a friend who lives on island year round, we called Kris. Both my wife and I were so impressed with the personal touch and attention to our family's needs. From finding the perfect spot, to closing on our new home, Kris and team made the entire experience as amazing as Vinalhaven itself. We are thrilled to have had their expertise. But even more thrilled for our new friendship. In a time where values are often swept aside, we can say without a doubt, character, strong ethics, and professional guidance are waiting for you inside Kris's door.

My wife and I wanted to sell a piece of property on North Haven we had owned for awhile. Lisa was our listing agent and was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and timely. Lisa and Davidson Realty did a terrific job marketing and selling pur property. The entire process was seamless and painless.

Lisa had great knowledge and knew the prospective clients, was on top of the transaction throughout the process, and continued to be helpful even after the closing.

I would highly recommend Lisa Shields and Davidson Realty and would not hesitate to use her for your real estate needs.

Kris did extensive research followed by logical reasoning regarding our initial asking price and a later adjustment, emphasized the positive throughout, responded quickly to concerns, represented both parties honestly and clearly and brought together a buyer and seller with similar loves and understandings of the property and concern for each other.  The process went exactly as we had hoped it would.

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