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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Lisa, You and your company were quite the professionals and handled everything from stem to stern. I am grateful for all you have done for me. Sincerely, Randy Coppola

Thanks to Davidson Realty's professional and attentive service, my husband and I own a nice home in a perfect location on a beautiful island.  Our desires and needs were as unique as the property Davidson found, requiring patience, a key attribute in ample supply at Davidson.  Their intelligent and friendly service extended from the search process through to closing, and even afterwards, making a "big" process smooth and pleasurable.  Davidson Realty is all about happy clients, and we sure are happy!

Selling a house that has been in the family for almost 50 years can be emotionally traumatic. Lisa Shields was highly sympathetic while completely maintaining her professionalism.  She conducted thorough research into other sales and listings, shared her thought process with us, and used this to propose a realistic price for our property.  Her attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the island enabled her to really drill down on our property’s strengths and future potential, which – based on the numerous conversations I have had with her -- I’m sure she was able to articulately express to potential buyers. The photos posted on the website were well done and showed the best of the property and buildings.  We quickly received detailed and written accounts of each visit by prospective buyers, and when decisions had to be made regarding possible price adjustments, she carefully laid out in writing the pros and cons of each option, enabling us to reach well-informed conclusions.  Lisa and Davidson Realty proved to be highly competent, professional, thorough, and honest.

My wife and I wanted to sell a piece of property on North Haven we had owned for awhile. Lisa was our listing agent and was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and timely. Lisa and Davidson Realty did a terrific job marketing and selling pur property. The entire process was seamless and painless.

Lisa had great knowledge and knew the prospective clients, was on top of the transaction throughout the process, and continued to be helpful even after the closing.

I would highly recommend Lisa Shields and Davidson Realty and would not hesitate to use her for your real estate needs.

After searching the country for a place to "semi-retire," we thought about a place Bruce had visited as a teen. We reserved a cottage and traveled from Southern California to Vinalhaven during the summer of 2014. The island was just as Bruce described; a place we knew we wanted to live much of the time. After three days on the island, we walked into Kris Davidson's office and received a warm welcome. Lisa Shields listened to our wants and needs, and showed us places that fit our finances. It wasn't long before Lisa found the perfect cottage for us. 

Because we had to leave days after, we were concerned about a "long-distance" deal. No need for concern; Lisa and Kris both ensured we were represented every step of the way. They were great with constant communications. 

We love our new home on Vinalhaven, but more than that, we are thrilled with "friends" we've made at Davidson Realty.

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